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Privacy Matters

Privacy is important! We don't share the info about our clients and their employees without their permission.


We worked with more than one hundred companies to help them manage their human

Various Term Lengths

You can set the needed terms of cooperation, limit our partnership term lengths, select needed services.


Our specialists will do everything to make communication credible and effective. We work the way you prefere.

Our Work

HR Consulting

Employees approach their position

We build social diagrams and test employees to determine their best qualities and development

Company assests

Right solution affect performance

We carry out the selection of possibility worldwide to find the best solution to support your business

Market testing

Best feedback that is objective

Our experience will give you the chance to evaluate cost/benefit of all possibilities and solutions

Content Strategy

Planning can increase your sales

Form your perfect content strategy with the help of our professional marketing specialists. They will teach you everything you need.

About Us

The Company from his estabilishment it has recognised as one of the leading truly independent trust companies. Our independence is much more than just about our ownership structure.

With a team of highly qualified professionals in our Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and London offices we provide a bespoke, client focused approach enabling flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to our clients’ needs.

Whitmill prides itself on building long-term relationships with its clients, their families and advisors. A number of our clients having been with us since the establishment of the business.

Choose Your Location

Not All The Businesses Are The Same


Middle East

Ranks 1st regionally and 16th globally on "Ease Of Doing Business" to gain maximum profit in virtually zero-tax conditions. Acts as the gateway to two-thirds of the world's most attractive growth markets.



Singapore is an ideal location for global businesses to site their headquarters. Strong trade and investment makes Singapore the most competitive Asian country and the world’s easiest place to do business.


Far East

Hong Kong remains one of the most attractive locations in Asia for inbound investment. Foreign companies are engaged in a number of activities in various industries, from decades-long oil and gas partnerships to short-term technology ventures



Explore London's sectors and discover our services for international companies and how to get in touch. See who our London-based startups work with on the Business Growth Programme and how London-based businesses can grow internationally on the Mayor's International Business Programme.

What are seasonal promotions? Common types of holidays

Don't limit your sales potential

There are many annual and non-traditional events you can use as a cause for special offers.

Ten things to check before launching your site online

Analytics, SEO, Links, Grammar

If you launch your site for the first time, try to avoid common mistakes.

How a faster site can affect your sales: Examples

Keep your business site up to date

It's a new trend, but it was always important. If your site takes a minute to load, nobody will wait!

Social media marketing and your perfect content strategy

Find your voice and tone

Finding clients on social media has a direct influence on sales. It is important for any company.

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Our company is really big, and so we have many employees, thank you for your HR analysis, now we have a hiring strategy

- Susan Crossman


The result of their work was a workforce planning summit where we've got more that twenty effective action plans.

- Adrian Carey


We use their services to hire new employees: always accurate and precise tests, their team is polite and punctual.

- Jennifer Bawerman


The result of their work was a workforce planning summit where we've got more that twenty effective action plans.

- Adrian Carey


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